Thursday, 12 January 2012


I love photos of doors and steps, I don't know why
Also as I've said I'm talking part in the 365 project this year, the idea is you do something everyday for a whole year :) I would have loved to have made a pot or something ceramic everyday but with the kids it would never happen :( maybe next year?
So I've decided on a photo a day
It's going great so far and I'm able to indulge mg storage passion got taking pics of random things like gates and steps!
So I wanted to share these I took this week

These were the first I found, I just loved the way that they didn't lead anywhere :) oh and the pile of leaves on the one side

This Gate was on the same Road just a bit further along the house was down a very steep path so again it looked like the gate didn't lead to anything, well except this lovely view :)

And finally, again on the same Road!! these were waiting! I love this picture! I love the overgrown edges and the lopsided gates 

this one was taken while out walking with the girls on the weekend, just a quick photo but i am planning to go back and have a proper go soon :)

Do you think I have a problem??


  1. Don't think you have a problem but I'd like to know if there's a meaning! Great pics :)

  2. You have a great eye, I love your stair pics x

  3. :) No, I don't think you have a problem! I had a photographing phase where I was taking pictures of dead plants :/ So yours seems perfectly normal. Lovely photographs too!

  4. No problem, keep at it and see how you develop! (sorry, pun not intended!!!)

  5. I think you have a fantastically creative eye Cariad x