Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Growing up we always made an Easter tree, Mum would take us for a walk and we'd find a spidery branch to drag home and paint or decorate, then she'd stand it in a large vase and we would decorate it with ribbons, bows, eggs, anything really. 
It's things like that from childhood you end up remembering so now I'm a mother I've started to do it with my girls, plus it's an excuse to make ceramic eggs!!

This is the start of this years, here is some of the eggs I made and this is before the kids have had a go at it. We found a large brach and sprayed it with some left over gold paint, when we tried to stand it my vase it kept toppling to one side so I decided to break it down into a few shorted branches. 

All finished! It's a little busier than I would have made it, but the kids are thrilled and it does bring some much needed spring cheer to our living room. 

Now the sales bit....

I have added some eggs to my easy shop, Cariad Clay just in case you want to make your own Easter tree...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Etsy picks! Coffee & Cream!

My favorites on etsy are getting fuller and fuller!
So I thought i'd start sharing some on here :)
this is the coffee and cream colour pallet edition!

First is this lovely apron! from katie at Katiedidonline her shop is fab! and stuffed full of wonderful upcycled items! I love the little bee embroidery!

I really love this hairband! the colour combo is fab! I will order myself one soon! I just hope my short hair can carry it off! it is from missbelluk who's whole shop is a haven for any hat nut!! :)

Check out these super cute hedgehog earrings :)
They are from Sophie at onetenzeroseven who has a real eye for the elegant but unusual

Last week I received a lavender and hop filled cushion and a lavender filled eye mask from Myrtle at  HerbalMyrtle they are both amazing! as a bit of a lavender fan (can you tell?) I was thrilled how great they both smell :)
I am now coveting some of her soaps which also look amazing

Lastly I have just discovered Emma's shop notesjewels but I already need this bracelet!! I just need to work out what I want it to say!! decisions decisions :)

So which is your favourite?

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Delicious Cheats Lasagne

I love homemade lasagne :)
but lets be honest it's a bit of a pain to make

So this is my cheat

First make a Bolognese, how ever you like it
at the moment i'm favouring turkey mince and lots of peppers :) but it's up to you

Then cook some pasta, again any will do here I've used Penne but i've also used tagliatelle in the past

I always use fresh pasta but you can use dried, it'll just take a bit longer to cook
you want it just cooked as it's going in the oven anyway
when it's cooked drain and add it back to the saucepan and mix in your bolognese until all the pasta is coated

put it into an oven proof dish and spread evenly, it doesn't need to be flat

Then add some b├ęchamel sauce I used shop bought, I'm cheating remember :)

Here it is half done, you can see that i'm not covering it all just most of it

Then in a sperate bowl mix some grated cheese, a good handful with some breadcrumbs again a good handful

This is for the topping

Sprinkle all over 

Until it's all covered
the breadcrumbs make it really crispy and you use less cheese :)

I cook for 20minutes at gas mark 6 
then 10 minutes at gas mark 9 

Finally leave to stand for a few minutes, this makes it easier to cut and portion out 

And enjoy!
We just did :) 

Thursday, 12 January 2012


I love photos of doors and steps, I don't know why
Also as I've said I'm talking part in the 365 project this year, the idea is you do something everyday for a whole year :) I would have loved to have made a pot or something ceramic everyday but with the kids it would never happen :( maybe next year?
So I've decided on a photo a day
It's going great so far and I'm able to indulge mg storage passion got taking pics of random things like gates and steps!
So I wanted to share these I took this week

These were the first I found, I just loved the way that they didn't lead anywhere :) oh and the pile of leaves on the one side

This Gate was on the same Road just a bit further along the house was down a very steep path so again it looked like the gate didn't lead to anything, well except this lovely view :)

And finally, again on the same Road!! these were waiting! I love this picture! I love the overgrown edges and the lopsided gates 

this one was taken while out walking with the girls on the weekend, just a quick photo but i am planning to go back and have a proper go soon :)

Do you think I have a problem??

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Etsy Treasuries

I have been featured in some amazing treasuries on etsy lately!
So have decided to share some here :)

Blue and Grey Fashion and Housewares.

Felt garland

The Camper Satchel in Gray W...

Vintage rotary telephone gre...

T Strap Shoes / Navy Blue / ...

Grey Canvas Pleated Bag - ad...

Turquoise and Grey Aztec Swe...

Decorative Designer Ikat Pil...

Holiday Sale - Rain Catcher ...

Blue Heart Buttons The Ice Q...

Womens Apron / light blue ch...

Cross Body Bag - Shoulder Ba...

Valentine SALE Blue Feather ...

Nautical navy blue clutch pu...

Teal Bird Earrings Brass Bro...

80s Light Grey Studded Coast...

vintage two tone GREY blue S...

I love the colour palette in this one by Laura From Mothballz

'feel like a red queen!' by Drycha

Gold Mini Crown, Glitter, Qu...
Queen of Hearts earrings
Follow The White Rabbit - Si...
Queen of Hearts Full Sized W...
The Red Queen, Alice in Wond...
Queen of Hearts Poker Card B...
Red Queen of Hearts Embroide...
Queen of Hearts Necklace
Renaissance,Victorian Period...
Statement Necklace - Heart ...
Red Heart Buttons The queen ...
White Rabbit From Alice in W...
Alice In Wonderland Red Quee...
Flask - 8oz. - Queen of Hea...
3 inches Large Pinback Butto...
Crimson Silk Wisteria Gown b...

This is one of my favourites as I love Alice in Wonderland :) It is by Karolina from Drycha

Jewelry, earrings, pearl and...

Blue Valentine

tiny ceramic earrings, blue ...

White Triangle Button Brooch...

Bella Bead Crochet Necklace...

Oxidised silver Domed ring w...

Needle felted beige blue hea...

Crochet skinny scarf - knitt...

Blue Winter Flower Photograp...

Romantic Necklace, Wings of ...

Dark Blue Ceramic Heart Bead...

Blue Heart Buttons The Ice Q...

Silver Dangle Earrings - Blu...

Vintage Handmade Blue Heart ...

Original Encaustic, Mixed Me...

SALE SALE SALE Upcycled Blue...

Wow this one is fab! the colours are so muted but together are so striking :) 
it is by Susana from tenderblue