Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Etsy picks! Coffee & Cream!

My favorites on etsy are getting fuller and fuller!
So I thought i'd start sharing some on here :)
this is the coffee and cream colour pallet edition!

First is this lovely apron! from katie at Katiedidonline her shop is fab! and stuffed full of wonderful upcycled items! I love the little bee embroidery!

I really love this hairband! the colour combo is fab! I will order myself one soon! I just hope my short hair can carry it off! it is from missbelluk who's whole shop is a haven for any hat nut!! :)

Check out these super cute hedgehog earrings :)
They are from Sophie at onetenzeroseven who has a real eye for the elegant but unusual

Last week I received a lavender and hop filled cushion and a lavender filled eye mask from Myrtle at  HerbalMyrtle they are both amazing! as a bit of a lavender fan (can you tell?) I was thrilled how great they both smell :)
I am now coveting some of her soaps which also look amazing

Lastly I have just discovered Emma's shop notesjewels but I already need this bracelet!! I just need to work out what I want it to say!! decisions decisions :)

So which is your favourite?


  1. Lovely blog Cariad - your selection is gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful collection of items and shops!

  3. Oooh dont think I have seen that bracelet before. Hmmm, might be popping it on my fave list too

  4. great finds, that soap looks lovely :)

  5. Lovely collection, Cariad. Please add the subscribe by email widget - it's the only way I can follow.

    1. Thanks Myfanwy! I think i've done that now x

  6. Aww thanks love! Such sweet words about my stuff :)

    Absolutely LOVE that headband by MissBell, great colour combo! I really want to get me one of those soon, but how will I choose? ;)