Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dinner with a view

Yesterday I mentioned to hubby that I was going out to look for something to photograph for my photo a day task i've set myself, so he suggested going up the drive

The drive is a is a forest area jsut behind where we live, find out more here :)

We decided to take some lunch with us 

Pie and chips :) 

The pie was a steak and guinness pie that hubby had got from the butchers that morning after being told they had won an award for them :)

We shared it and it was lovely :)

here is the view 

Lovely winter trees and ferns :) 


  1. Looks like a good day was had! Will have to take a wander up the drive some time, haven't been there for years.

  2. Lovely dinner, beautiful view!

  3. and "home made" chips of course! (and very good they are too!!)

  4. How fab! What a great idea! A lovely day out and a nice dinner without hurting your bank balance! I think we will have to follow your example :)

  5. Thanks all :)

    Yes "home made" chips :)

    Sequinned it was lovely! x