Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hunting for Fairies

So it's the school holidays and the kids are getting restless! 
It was such a lovely day so we went for a walk to look for fairies
I live in Cwmcarn which has the wonderful Forest Drive with miles of walks over a beautiful mountain

The view up the valley :)

This Tree and ferns looked so pretty! 

We didn't find any fairies :( 

But Looking at these you could almost believe they were there hiding :)

The kids certainly believed they were there.............somewhere :)

They had lots of fun looking!

We did find some fariytale looking mushrooms

Lots of fun! and it didn't cost a thing :)


  1. Wonderful reading and sounds exactly how my mum would have kept us occupied! I guess even fairies go on holiday though so better hunting next time!

  2. Arr, this is so lovely! It sounds like you had a wonderful time :)
    And such beautiful pictures!

  3. Wow what a place! Your children must have loved that experience... sounds so funny and adventurous.

  4. What a beautiful spot! Keep looking for the fairies, they're there somewhere :)

  5. The best sort of days out! I bet the fairies were ther, but hiding.:)

  6. How gorgeous!

    I believe you could not find fairies because they were asleep.. once the sundown arrives they mischievously come out and dance"!

    Beautiful photography!

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic day! I think I see a fairy in that first picture, what's that little orange orb :-)

  8. what a beautiful place..i guess the fairies were in hiding in their little fairy houses ;o)
    jooles x