Friday, 22 April 2011

Our Easter Tree

When I was little we used to have an Easter tree, Mum would take us for a walk in the woods and we'd get some thin tree branches which she would put in a vase and hang little things off, it was lovely and always looked so pretty :)

This year I decided I'd do the same with my girls :)

So here is ours 

I thought we'd start small :)
we had a lovely craft day and made the little ceramic hanging eggs :)

I rolled out the clay and let the kids loose with the stamps :)
they loved it! and then we used our little egg cutter to cut them out

I should have got more organised and made some for my shop :( 
definitely next year!

I also found some pretty little decorations from etsy 

These sweet little flowers were crocheted by the talented Twinkknits 

These cute little paper birds are all the way from America from Up the attic stairs

The children are thrilled with the tree

I've told them the Easter Bunny will be really happy with it and leave them special eggs :)

Next year we'll go a bit bigger :)

But maybe not this big :)
This beautiful tree is from Germany where the tradition originated, find out more about this tree and the tradition in this lovely blog


  1. It's wonderful Chloe, I love it!
    We always had an easter tree too growing up, made from twigs of pussy willow and forsythia. We would buy those little foil wrapped eggs and painstakingly sew little hanging threads onto each one.

  2. What an absolutely lovely idea, that's so sweet! Love the ceramic eggs - definitely something for your shop next time! x

  3. Fabulous blog post Chloe!
    The old lady who lives down our street always has an Easter tree in her window every year :)

  4. Awww. How cute! I totally agree about stocking them next year.

    And that big tree is amazing! I think you should do that too ;)

  5. The sweetest family tradition... even sweeter since the whole family gets to participate!!

    It's become quite the tradition for many families in the US now as well for some years, my grandmother (92 yrs old this may!) does it as well... but for some reason it didn't make it down to my mum and our family. Seeing yours I may have to pick it up myself now.
    Thanks for the inspiration and the honour of being included in your tradition.

  6. What a gorgeous idea! I love your tree, the ceramics look perfect

  7. Ohhh my days twinks your Easter Tree is just delightful. LOVE it. Something we have never done but think I may just have to start. Can I pleeeeeeeease place an order for the egg with a heart on it?!?!?! I ADORES it. Happy Easter Hols to you and your family chicka. Loves Ionwen. XXX

  8. soo cool! Love your ceramic eggs, so pretty!

  9. Thank you all :) x
    I don't wan to take it down now :(

  10. I love your tree! i your ceramic eggs are adorable.
    j x