Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hello All :)
Well I've done it! At least I think I have, Have I?
If I have then welcome to my shiny new blog!

Here I plan to share with you all my clay adventures :)
and a bit of my general life too

Right lets get the painful bit done first...........The bit about me
Anyway I'm Chloe I live in Wales and I make things out of clay and sell them on etsy in my shop called Cariad Clay 
Cariad is Welsh for or love, beloved, sweetheart or darling
Here I am

Yes I know scary :) 
but I like to know who I'm reading about so thought you would too


  1. I think you are most elfen.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!!

  2. hey chloe!!
    sarah here aka Kari :)
    great to see you've joined us. i'll be your 2nd follower if you like?! I can link my necklaces to you now aswell!
    I'm very new to blogging too but it looks like fun!
    bye for now :)

  3. Yay Cariad has a blog. Good luck my dear, a very nice start. I am following you xxxx