Monday, 24 January 2011

Buttons Buttons Buttons

I love Buttons :)

I have a huge tin and I hoard them in it :)

So it was inevitable that I made Ceramic Buttons!

And here they are

These were my first ever buttons and I loved them :)
but they were an absolute pig to make :(

So I decided to go bigger :)

So my Big Statement Buttons were born!
and if I do say so myself they are so pretty :)

I have sold some in My shop and they have gone to new homes maybe to be hoarded by someone else :)

But some have already been Re-born on Etsy

This Beautiful Shawl was made by the very talented Margaret over at MolliMade

Three Buttons have been turned into Striking chunky necklaces by the talented KariOriginal
I love them all and am really tempted to buy one back :)

This bright and summery Bag was made by Joy at Perfect Little Purses 


  1. hello again :)
    I love your buttons!

  2. Those buttons of yours are addictive, you have sparked a new obsession. It was time for a new one I guess,xx

  3. How wonderful to have so many examples to share of your products in use! They are fantastic buttons, so glad they're such a success for you!

  4. Your buttons are gorgeous! But I must admit, I'm a sucker for the little heart-shaped ones!

  5. Your buttons are really special and I love what Karioriginal has done with them