Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Foggy Walk in Brecon

So we woke up to a lovely foggy Sunday morning here in Wales!
Only in Wales could a foggy morning be classed as lovely :)
We decided to take a drive up to Brecon and go for a walk with the kids! we took some lovely photo's so thought i'd share them with you

We went for a walk and found this lovely stream 

And it even had a waterfall :)

The girls enjoyed throwing stones in it!

The Fog

Rosy cheeks  :)

Another little stream or "fairy fall" as the kids named it :) 

Lastly my two beautiful girls :) 


  1. That stream is lovely!

    Also, so are your children :D Such cute wee 'uns!


  2. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them! The one of your girls sitting on the rock is stunning.

  3. looks lovely and being my Granny's territory makes it all the more inviting..........

  4. What beautiful pictures. I love Wales. the kiddoes are adorable. xx

  5. Thank you all :) x
    It was a lovely day x

  6. There is something so mystical and magical about fog! Looks like you all had a grand ol time. Loves Ionwen X