Saturday, 29 January 2011

Some of my Favourite Purchases from Etsy...........So far :)

Since starting my Etsy shop last year not only have I found a great way to share my work but I have been introduced to some other amazing shops selling beautiful and varied items :)

Here are a few of my favourites!

Nadine at Imynda  On Etsy Hand crochets these beautiful flowers out of fine cotton and turns them into the prettiest hair clips :) My two daughters wear them to school most days and have had some lovely compliments on them

She also does a lovely range of handmade cards that feature her crochet items, what a truly unique idea :)

Another purchase I love is this perfect little mirror

I keep one in my bag and so does my sister :) it's so beautiful but so handy to :)
I was bought from KitzieG who has a wonderful eye for colour and the natural form
All her designs are hand cut from her own designs

She also sells wonderful Painted woooden bunting! I couldn't resist this either :)
Here is mine on my Welsh dresser
I absolutely love it! and cheers me up often :)

Anyone who know's me will know i can't live without my iphone! I'm on my 4th one now but this one is going strong! I think it's a record :) why? because i've finally found a case that works (and i love)

Lucy's unique Creations  Sells Beautifully sewn Accessories, Cushions and Phone cases :)
she uses really quirky and colourful fabrics in her designs that are not only stunning but are so well made :)
Now when my phone is in my bag it is cushioned in my felt lined phone case, it even has a little pocket for my earphones and credit card!

Her cushions are also Amazing :)

Another thing I love is hoarding fabric and buttons! every now and again i go through a sewing phase so love to have lots of pretty things ready for when i do :)
So when I discovered Sassalynne's shop I was in Heaven :)

She hand dyes the softest felt in some amazing colour combinations, I have 3 pieces here just waiting to be used :)

She also sells Hand Dyed Cotton threads

Knitting Yarns and Quilting Fabric

I'm sure you could find anything on etsy :)
Take a look x

Monday, 24 January 2011

Buttons Buttons Buttons

I love Buttons :)

I have a huge tin and I hoard them in it :)

So it was inevitable that I made Ceramic Buttons!

And here they are

These were my first ever buttons and I loved them :)
but they were an absolute pig to make :(

So I decided to go bigger :)

So my Big Statement Buttons were born!
and if I do say so myself they are so pretty :)

I have sold some in My shop and they have gone to new homes maybe to be hoarded by someone else :)

But some have already been Re-born on Etsy

This Beautiful Shawl was made by the very talented Margaret over at MolliMade

Three Buttons have been turned into Striking chunky necklaces by the talented KariOriginal
I love them all and am really tempted to buy one back :)

This bright and summery Bag was made by Joy at Perfect Little Purses 

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hello All :)
Well I've done it! At least I think I have, Have I?
If I have then welcome to my shiny new blog!

Here I plan to share with you all my clay adventures :)
and a bit of my general life too

Right lets get the painful bit done first...........The bit about me
Anyway I'm Chloe I live in Wales and I make things out of clay and sell them on etsy in my shop called Cariad Clay 
Cariad is Welsh for or love, beloved, sweetheart or darling
Here I am

Yes I know scary :) 
but I like to know who I'm reading about so thought you would too